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About Samarra


It’s 5am, you will likely find Samarrah in her home office, in her pajamas, practicing yoga and writing, sometimes at the same time. Her new children’s book Downward Doggy helps children feel more peaceful and relaxed through by following Doggy in yoga poses.


Her first book, WILL JAX BE HOME FOR THANKSGIVING? is about a boy recovering from a brain tumor told from the point of view of his sister. The story highlights a child’s worries about and growing understanding of her brother’s illness. It is story of hope in a difficult situation. 

As a writer, she aims to inspire, educate, and uplift readers. She writes children’s books, poetry, and essays.

Samarrah has worked as a social worker since 2008. Working with children and adults, she integrates yoga and writing exercises into her practice. She has taught yoga and writing in homeless shelters, hospitals, and schools.

Samarrah started practicing yoga as a teenager. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. She has a MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work in New York and a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan. Her children assure her that she makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the known universe.

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I write because it's fun and it's a daily practice like yoga or meditation.I write to get clarity and to go deeper. I write because writing itself is action. I write as a way to take a small step in repairing the world.



Hang loose like a wet noodle…

Flap your legs like a butterfly…

Breathe in Doggy, Breathe Out


With each new pose, Doggy becomes calmer and calmer…


This book makes yoga fun with its easy-to-do poses.

Find a yoga mat and follow along with Doggy.

You are just a few deep breaths away from feeling peaceful and more relaxed!



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